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HelloAgain nobooze4u at SPLAT!
Mon Feb 14 13:38:07 EST 2000

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Michael Hudson wrote:
> grant at nowhere. (Grant Edwards) writes:
> > Forget it wrote:
> > >You people are funny here, all excited about Python.
> > >Following one guy's recommendation, for two days already I'm looking at
> > >Python as a potential plug-in language, and it DISGUSTS me.
> > [...]
> >
> > That's one of the lamest, most transparent flame-bait postings
> > I've seen in a long time.
> And I'm only seeing it because you've replied to it. What are
> killfiles (or scorefiles, to be pedantic in my case) for?
I'm curious (although not excessively so) why do you people all think
that was a flame bait? Why couldn't it simply be a harmless opinion,
along with a few questions (to which I got a pretty good response,
thanks again to everyone who have contributed)?

Isn't that a bit creepy that so many people want to isolate themselves
from anything, about which they're not sure ahead of time that it'll
agree with their preferences? Here: it's been *four* days now that I'm
looking at it, and still I think Python is an ugly language. That's
trolling by your book? Well, you better put it in the FAQ that you don't
want anyone disrupt your Pythonic mutual-masturbation idyll here.
Looking at some programmers it's hard to escape a feeling that this
profession attracts more than its share of narrow-minded, low-brow,
humourless yet exceedingly self-confident cretins. (Or is it only the
case with Python "specialists", hmmmmm ?)

> Cheers,
> M.

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