How to do line wrapping?

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Fri Feb 11 17:52:01 CET 2000


Your question was asked a few days ago and received the
following responses:

Brad Howes response:[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=582180658&CONTEXT=950287138.1549008936

Hamish Lawson posted a link to his code:

My response:[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=582119928&CONTEXT=950287138.1549008936

Both Brad and Hamish wrote their own.  I used the standard module.  I'm wondering if is
unpopular because it's a less well-known module or if
the documentation needs clarifying or if it's just
unwieldy for simple wordwrap tasks.

Jeff Bauer
Rubicon Research

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