GUI in Python under MSDOS?

Al Christians achrist at
Mon Feb 28 08:41:34 CET 2000

Richard Smol wrote:
> Porting Tk to DOS would not be trivial, since there would be no
> base-widgets to work with. It would be great fun though to make
> it work. You might get stuff like those those early Windows-lookalike"
> DOS apps (anyone remember WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS?)

If it's some kind of embedded DOS, why would you want to destroy
confidence in your product by making it look like Windows?  Could
you build Tkinter for DOS on top of one of those game-developer
graphics libs for djgpp?

Before anyone tries graphical DOS, they should take a look at the zApp 
and Zinc GUI libraries for MS-DOS and some of the apps developed with
them, if you can find any.   Somehow, this was a bad idea.  Win16
may have the best GUI for DOS, and that's not saying much (did
Excel really used to ship with a free Windows runtime included?).   
If you are developing for some users who still run DOS but would like
to have a GUI,  that's got to be a narrow market.  If you are 
developing for folks who still run DOS because they don't want a GUI, 
you should be ready to handle monochrome adapters, Hercules cards,
and machines with no mouse.  


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