Thanx and keep it coming. Or I'll flame some more <g>...(Re: Python sucks loud)

Forget it nobooze4u at BLAM!
Fri Feb 11 23:40:00 EST 2000

Thanks for the pointers, this Pike thing seems interesting. It's ok that
it's not used much, coz I'm not planning for a mass of users to jump on
it, it is no more than a somewhat esoteric app for non-programmers,
hopefully with a capacity to write little proggies for the thing. Hell,
people even use Lingo <G>... 

Speaking about C--I don't care for it to be C, actually C is not the
best for me, but I'd like it to be interpreted, have types (user types a
big nice-to-have), and objects. And the C-ish syntax, like in Perl, so I
don't have to be undergo a major attitude adjustment every time I switch
from one to another. 

thanks to all who contributed and keep the new ideas coming.

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