Real Problems with Python

François Pinard pinard at
Sun Feb 13 10:10:33 EST 2000

"Tim Peters" <tim_one at> writes:

> > 2. Lack of lexical scoping
> >
> >    Tim Peters disagrees, but I miss it a lot, even after using Python
> >    for years.

> Actually, Tim wholly agrees that you miss it a lot.

Couldn't we approximate lexical scoping with classes?  For the few times I
needed it, I was fairly satisfied with this solution.  Surely more verbose
than in Scheme, but yet, given I do not use it often, I did not care the

P.S. - If you see a contradiction with my previous message where I praise
terseness, please consider that common and frequent idioms are better terse,
while some verbosity is acceptable for things like lexical scoping, that
we do less often, and for which some extra documentation is welcome.

François Pinard

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