win32gui.Shell_NotifyIcon (removing icons)

Warren Postma embed at
Wed Feb 9 14:09:42 EST 2000

<ben.flynn at> wrote in message news:87s8b3$l25$1 at
> I am currently trying to remove use the Shell_NotifyIcon command in
> order to remove the clock from the bottom right hand corner of a windows
> 98 machine (in order to automate the removal of the clock on 2500
> laptops via a piece of python code running when a user logs on).
> Firstly is this the best of doing this (via Python)?  If so I have got
> to the stage of implementing the command
> win32gui.Shell_NotifyIcon(win32gui.NIM_DELETE, nid)

If you want to remove the clock you probably want to modify the registry
setting that causes the clock to be shown.
The clock is not an icon, so Shell_NotifyIcon is only used if you were the
application who put the icon there.

I can't find the registry key, but I bet it's in somewhere near


or thereabouts.


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