Non-progrmmer wants to learn.

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Sun Feb 20 08:45:23 EST 2000

signman at wrote:
> I've done nothing more than write batch files in the old dos days. I
> enjoyed it then and am hoping now I can teach myself Python. I know
> nothing about programming.
> Am I biting off to much?
> Is there a step by step guide on the net?
> Is this the language to start with?
> Am I to old for this stuff (my Grandchildren type better than I) ? :)

hopefully not/yes/why not/hardly

repeating myself from a recent post:

    short answer: start here:

    longer answer: start here
    and look under "introductions to python
    for non-programmers"

    after that, check the other intros mentioned
    on that page, and the official tutorial, available

    as for books, your best bets are O'Reilly's
    "Learning Python" and Manning's "Quick Python".
    neither is written for true beginners, so you might
    wish to check them out in your local bookstore
    before buying.

    and yes, you should consider joining the
    python-tutor list:

hope this helps!


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