An FTP based Python Module repository (was Re: Imagemagick)

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Feb 7 11:44:54 EST 2000

Michal Wallace wrote:

> ... The thing perl has that python doesn't
> though, is namespace
> protection... for example, I'm working on a set of MIDI modules... well, I
> can set it up so
> to use my stuff you do "import midi".. but that'll conflict with the midi
> stuff already out
> there... CPAN would have encouraged me and the other MIDI author to name our
> modules "midi.hisversion" and "midi.myversion"....
> which is not to say that we can't do that in python, but... well, nobody
> does...

The generally accepted scheme in Pythondom follows the 
Java model: hiscompany.midi versus mycompany.midi.

- Gordon

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