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Mikael Olofsson mikael at
Wed Feb 23 02:16:03 EST 2000

gtnorton at writes:

chris patti <cpatti at> wrote:
 >  Is a typo?

H.V.Taylor <harold.taylor.delete-this at>
 >  will do the job ;-)

On 23-Feb-00 alxchltn at wrote:
 >  The above url that Chris points out is correct. I apologize.Just a
 >  little miscommunication.     G.T.

As things usually work at eGroups, you should also be able to join the 
group by sending an empty email to 

    python-studies-subscribe at,

which I think was what both gtnorton and chris patti meant. However, the 
place is supposed to be down for maintenance today.


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