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Wed Feb 16 13:00:15 EST 2000

In article <20000216073317.A579 at stopcontact.palga.uucp>,
  Gerrit <gerrit at> wrote:
> Forrest Cahoon wrote on 950642676:
> > (Personally, I'd feel more secure about python if tabs generated a
> > compile error, and thus could be guaranteed not to be in any running
> > code.)
> Use 'python -tt'. From the manpage:
>        -t     Issue a warning when a source file mixes  tabs  and
>               spaces  for  indentation  in  a  way  that makes it
>               depend on the worth of a tab expressed  in  spaces.
>               Issue an error when the option is given twice.
> 07:32:45:tty6:gerrit at stopcontact:~$ python -tt /usr/local/bin/world
>   File "/usr/local/bin/world", line 115
>     return rawaddr
>                  ^
> SyntaxError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation
> I have an alias...
> regards,
> Gerrit.

WOW!  This information ROCKS!  Thanks, Gerrit!

This is the sort of information I'd like to see collected in one spot;
kind of a _Everything You Wanted to Know about Whitespace in Python, but
Were Afraid To Ask_.

I'll admit to being somewhat confrontational in my original post, but
all along, it was constructive information like this I was really after.

I hope that now we are all in a thouroghly constructive mode of
discussion, and anyone else with useful tricks and tips regarding
whitespace in python will share them with me.

I'm really happy -- especially now -- with the level of constructiveness
here.  It's a shame that Moshe Zadka has insisted on sending me some
really snide, asshole flames to me by personal e-mail that there is no
way he would post in public.  He's really a blemish on your fine
community, and I humbly suggest you consider adding him to your
killfiles, and not answering his questions until he grows up.


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