MySQLdb for Win32

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Sun Feb 27 17:50:56 EST 2000

Chuck Esterbrook wrote:
> Is there a pre-built version of MySQLdb available for Win32?

Dominik Friedrich also wrote:
> did anybody successfully compiled the mysqldb module on a
> win32 system?

Chuck / Dominik:

I've got the dlls to handle the client side of connecting
to MySQL from a Win32/Python environment.  It's available
for ftp download from, ftp directory 
Place these files in your Python home directory.  Your PATH
should point to wherever libmySQL.dll is located.

Per my notes, here is a scenario to get you started:

D:\jeff\PyMySQL> python

>>> import MySQL
>>> DBH = MySQL.connect('myhost','myuser','mypasswd')
>>> DBH.listdbs()

[['mydb'], ['mysql'], ['test']]

>>> DBH.selectdb('mydb')
>>> STH = DBH.query("select * from mytable")
>>> STH.fetchdict()

... prints list of dicts ...

Note: This is Joseph Skinner's (and James Henstridge's)
original pre-DBI version of the mysql wrapper.  I don't
use mysql on Win32, but other people have reported success
with this release.

Last week David Ascher mentioned that Inprise/Borland 
has made their Windows C++ compiler free for downloading.  
For someone who can't afford the Microsoft compiler -- but 
wants to run python/mysqldb client on Win32 -- this might 
be a suitable project.

The compiler download info is available at:

reduce-filter-lambda-and-stackless-tail-recursions-ly y'rs,

Jeff Bauer
Rubicon Research

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