re AMTE thread re DrScheme & Python

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Feb 2 00:03:07 CET 2000

Gene wrote:

> Wow, I'm a member of a cult. Cool. My parents will probably be upset when I
> tell them though. Do we all have to wear matching nike sneakers when the
> aliens come to get us? 

1) No, Reeboks, New Balance etc. are all cool. It's the laces 
that matter.

2) We're already here.

> I'm really not into the castration thing though,
> might have to switch to a non-cult like language. 

The Guidosatva follows the Path of Least Surprise - in other 
words, a vasectomy will do just fine.

it's-everyone-else-who-needs-castration-ly y'rs

- Gordon

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