[Doc-SIG] Monty: A structured text syntax idea

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at pobox.com
Sat Feb 5 02:47:21 EST 2000

Carel Fellinger wrote on 949682682:
> Dear Gerrit,
> I think it's about time that you start to use procmail and a better
> mailer. I'm getting frustrated by all those glimpses of interesting
> discussions that take place in some other universe I'm no part of:)
> Unless it's your objective to get more people involved in the SIG's.
> That could be an interesting approach: keeps us all informed. Even
> better would be to get summaries now and again. Any volunteers?

I was frustated by the fact no Reply-To: header was set, but from now
on, I'll do a g)roup reply (mutt). I'm sorry.

My .procmailrc in 288 LOC.


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