failure in test_long under gcc (was RE: errors when doing 'make test')

Al-Amerrho H. Amerin al_amerin at
Sun Feb 6 04:20:21 CET 2000

Tim Peters wrote:

> sys.maxint is correct for your machine.  Previous reports of this symptom
> were traced to an optimization bug in a particular version of gcc (sorry,
> don't recall the details; DejaNews has 'em *somewhere*, though <wink>).  Try
> recompiling Python without optimization.  If the problem goes away, now you
> know why.
> Using a newer version of the compiler may fix it (anyone out there know for
> sure?).  If not, it should suffice to disable optimization only for the file
> Objects/longobject.c.  Or, if you're extreme, just disable it for the
> function PyLong_AsLong in that file.  There's nothing wrong with the code
> there (it's been critically reviewed by dozens of unhappy campers by now
> <0.9 wink>), so there's nothing more we can do about it on this end.
> BTW, I wrote both the function and the test that's failing, so I can pretend
> to know what I'm talking about here <wink>.
> the-good-news-is-that-it-doesn't-fail-anywhere-else-ly y'rs  - tim

You're right, disabling optimization works. Thanks!

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