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Tue Feb 15 00:39:24 EST 2000

[gtnorton at]
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> When I attempt to use the "raw_input" function on IDLE -- IT NO WORK
> it's fine through the command line and PythonWin. Bug? What gives?

In the released 1.5.2 IDLE, although the raw_input *prompt* shows up in an
"output window", you need to enter the response in the *shell* window.  This
has since been fixed (and the next release of IDLE won't have "output
windows" anymore).  If you want that now, see David Ascher's Starship pages
for the latest development snapshot.

> Also, are any newbies (or anyone)interested in starting a communty
> group here on Deja or some kind of programming club?.I feel I'm
> learning C much faster when I'm bouncing ideas off others as I do
> in a C group I work with.

This would be welcome on the Python-Tutor mailing list; see

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