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Steve Holden sholden at
Fri Feb 11 08:19:17 EST 2000

greg andruk wrote:

[discussions about maintaining the purity of c.l.p]

> Also, the list/newsgroup gateway would make activities like setting
> followups/reply-to the other forum a bit awkward.  Not sure how important
> that would be in practice, but it shouldn't be ignored.

The major "problem" here is newbies' ignorance of the netiquette requirement
that you lurk long enough on a newsgroup (after reading the FAQ, of course)
to absorb the culture and learn enough not to ask dumb questions/repeat posts
which come up frequently.

If anyone can design a piece of software to enforce that, I can guarantee
it a future languishing unused in repositories.  Some days I just get my
Dilbert t-shirt out that reads "The Internet is full: go away!"

But I would like to say that c.l.p has an almost unique tolerance for
ignorant abuse, which makes it a very nice place to learn about a
fascinating language.

"If computing ever stops being fun, I'll stop doing it"

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