Problem : using ADO in ASP

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Sat Feb 5 00:14:11 CET 2000

"Steve Holden" <sholden at> wrote in message
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> Aaarrrggghhh ...

> (<COMObject Execute>, -1)

It appears the "Execute" method returns 2 values - the recordset
object and some integer.  The integer is almost certainly due to one
of the params to Execute() being specified as a BYREF.

> <p> (L'gphone', L'ussi', L'ussi')
> I'm now having difficulty understanding why the GetRows method
> seems to return COLUMNS!  Note also that the script output is
> not "inline" as you would expect from its position in the code.

GetRows() returns a sequence of rows.  Each row contains columns.  In
the example above, you are looping over each row, and when you print
each row you get a tuple of objects - one for each column in the

Hope this helps...


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