eqiv of perl's CGI.pm?

Patrick Phalen python-liist at teleo.net
Tue Feb 22 09:19:32 CET 2000

[Michael Ströder, on Mon, 21 Feb 2000]

:: What exactly does CGI.pm? I have a module cgiforms.py with which you
:: can pre-define input fields in a form and output the single input
:: fields. The input parameters are checked against reg exp. you define
:: with the input field. E.g. my project http://web2ldap.de/ is based
:: on that. Your mileage may vary...
:: Have a look at http://sites.inka.de/ms/python/pylib/. If you're
:: interested in using that drop me a note and I will package a newer
:: version with demo script.

Well, I'm certainly interested; I was getting ready to write something
quite similar this week ... so thank you!

I'm afraid I may need to invest in a German/English dictionary, however.

  # Alle Eingaben in inputform auf Gueltigkeit ueberpruefen.
  # Im Fehlerfall wird eine Ausnahme der Klasse formException generiert
  # Der Parameter ignoreemptyparams veranlaßt das Ignorieren leerer Eingaben.
  def getparams(self,ignoreemptyparams=0):

    # Ueberpruefen der gesamten Laenge aller Eingaben
    if self.contentlength > self.maxcontentlength:
      raise formContentLengthException(self.contentlength): 

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