BSDDB copyright and licensing restrictions while in use via Python

Robin Dunn robin at
Tue Feb 15 01:34:56 EST 2000

> So here's my dilemma:
> I have a commercial application into which I want to embed the Python
> interpreter (fine, no problem so far). The standard Python distribution
> comes with the bsddb.pyd binary which is a plug in containing a compiled
> version of the db1.8.5 source code. Since Python is available for free, and
> is open source, and it can be redistributed freely, then can I do this?
> Has the db1.8.5 source code a more liberal license than the 2.0 code from
> Sleepycat?

You can use 2.0 freely from Python, as long as the BSDDB extension module is
Open Source.  See

My BSDDB extension module ( is Open
Source so there are no legal issues for you.

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