Iterators & generators (RE: Real Problems with Python)

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at
Wed Feb 16 01:19:31 CET 2000

+ Dan Schmidt <dfan at>:

| | [explanation snipped]
| This is pretty much the same way that Knuth explains coroutines in
| volume 1 of The Art of Computer Programming -- which you all have,
| right? -- in section 1.4.2.

Uh, yeah, but what's left of my copy is in Norway and I am on
sabbatical leave in the US of A.  (And I've read my copy to pieces
(which didn't take much, with the paperback version) and *still*
wasn't aware it's in there?  I've just got to reread it when I get
back, I guess.)

oh-well-but-a-good-explanation-can-bear-repeating-ly y'rs,
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