Dynamic class construction?

David C. Ullrich ullrich at math.okstate.edu
Tue Feb 1 16:33:53 EST 2000

Gordon McMillan wrote:

> David C. Ullrich writes:
> >     If the docs are going to change more often than the program
> > (which is a good thing) the docs should have separate version
> > numbers. I could download the revised docs, but I don't see the
> > point, since I have no way of knowing tommorow whether
> > they're still current.
> You watch the list.

    I hope you paid no attention to the reply I sent to the email
on this - I took "list" to mean something else. I didn't realize
until someone hit me on the head just now that there _was_
a list of old versions of the docs available, including dates.
Yes, watching that list is exactly how you do it. Sorry.

    I didn't know that list existed. I didn't look very hard.
I was bad. Bad bad bad.

> Fred announces these things. There's
> often a couple soon after a new release, but unless you're
> paying long distance for a 300 baud connection, it's usually
> worth the download.
> - Gordon

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