i know this sounds redicculus but!!!....

Jason Stokes jstok at bluedog.apana.org.au
Sat Feb 26 07:47:21 CET 2000

Collin Greene wrote in message ...
>how do you do simple commands such as say things is it print?

Well, it's

print "Hello, world"

Goes to standard out, or wherever you put it.

>also does
>anyone know a good tutorial so i can learn the basic python skills like tth
>such ...i am really egal to learn adn will stick woht it but just need a
>little help wiht basic commands  also what is teh ohter app bundeled wiht
>python 1.52? is that a help thing

The Python tutorial is very good (comes with the core package on whatever
system you use, probably in HTML format.)  The tutorial does assume,
however, that you already know basic programming concepts.  There are a
number totally introductory introductions linked to at Python.org, in the
documentation section, if you're a total newbie.

The best introduction to programming I've read is Object-Oriented
Programming in Eiffel by Rist and Terwilliger -- but that's about Eiffel,
not Python.  Still worth a look.

Python books I find a bit of a disappointment.  "Programming Python" isn't
as good as I'd hoped, for example.  "Learning Python" I've never seen, but
might be worth a look.  "Python Essential Reference" is a good reference,
but simply expands on the existing online documentation, adding little

>thanks for your time and tips arte appreaceated
>newbie #1 greene at hctc.com

Your chances of getting help in the future are far more likely if you look
after your spelling and punctuation.  Sorry, but it has to be said.

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