IIS keeps crashing from PyWin

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Wed Feb 23 19:34:13 CET 2000

I sent this one through already, but it didn't hava a title, so I hope
people will respond now ;) Sorry for a duplicate if you read the other one.

I am using NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a and IIS 4.0 on a dual-processer PIII Intel
system w/ 1G RAM. Python Version is 1.5.
I get the following error in my Event Logs every 2 hours (and the services
crash simultaneously as well), and I have no idea what's causing it and how
to stop it... :

An object call caused an exception.
(IID: {51372AEF-CAE7-11CF-BE81-00AA00A2FA25}) (Method: 3)
(Microsoft Transaction Server Internals Information: File:
i:\viper\src\runtime\mtxex\activity.cpp, Line: 889)
(Exception: C0000005) (Address: 0x1e6054df) 
PyWinTypes15!PyWinThreadState_Free(void) + 0xF
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x3D35
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x33E3
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x313B
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x7AC3
asp + 0x325C6
mtxex!MTSCreateActivity + 0x1F3C
mtxex!MTSCreateActivity + 0xF3E

*** if you notice the file reference
i:\viper\src\runtime\mtxex\activity.cpp, there is no, nor was there ever, an
i drive on my machine...

please help!!
we've been using python on the web for 3 years now and this is something new
which is going wrong... (this machine is a new installation as of about a
month ago - the errors only started happening after I started running
high-traffic sites on the machine)

Jason S. Nadler
Lead Programmer
Channel21 Productions, Inc.

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