Can't reopen eMatter book

Tim Peters tim_one at
Sun Feb 20 12:47:04 EST 2000

[Anders Eriksson has problems opening the effbot's eMatter book,
Tim trots out the "kill the registry branch" hack
that worked for him,
then ...
>Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunally this didn't solve my problem.
>... [tale of woe] ...
>After a while we found out that I'm using the Swedish version of
>Acrobat 4.0

Damn -- beat me to it!  That was going to be my next suggestion <wink>.

>and eMatter don't work with any version except the American.

An irony only you will fully appreciate is that the effbot (your book's 
author) was designed, built, programmed, and still resides, in Sweden.

BTW, one of the people who devised the eMatter registration scheme wrote in 
pvt to say that the need for the "kill the registry branch 
hack" on some systems is now understood, and a fix is in beta.  People who 
have tried to program Windows before will recognize the true cause:  a 
system API that's only been implemented by one vendor, so is full of 
surprises no matter how carefully you study the docs and think you've tested 
your code.

try-writing-a-windows-speech-recognition-app<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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