Which GUI?

Vetle Roeim vetler at ifi.uio.no
Wed Feb 23 12:13:54 EST 2000

on 2000-02-23, Gerrit Holl wrote:

> > > Tkinter needs to provide their own documentation 
> > 
> > this is actually wrong. I use the Tcl/Tk documentation all the time when
> > I'm using Tkinter. no problem.
> I *do* have had problems with this. Please type "man canvas" and search
> for 'create'. There's not straight way to find out the Python way without
> either reading the source or reading the documentation by the effbot.

okei.. perhaps YMMV
> > > and advantages, while wxWindows or QT already has lots of
> > > documentation, that not need to be copied into wxPython and PyQT. 
> > 
> > wxPython and pyQt are not as portable as Tkinter.
> Please give an example!

well.. I'm only repeating what I've read previously in this thread.
I believe Qt is not available for Windows without paying money, and I'm
not sure what platforms Qt and wxWindows (or whatever it's called) is
available on.
> > Tkinter does NOT reinvent the wheel. I can't understand where this comes
> > from.
> It provides their own classes. These classes are invented by Tkinter, they
> do not exist in Tcl/Tk. And the methods don't even *match* with Tcl functions!

I must admit I'm on new territory here. I've only been using Python and
Tkinter for ~5 months or so. So my statements may have nothing to do with
reality. I appologize.

However, my experience with Tkinter is only positive. I think it's easy to
use, I do _not_ think it's ugly, and I have successfully used the Tcl/Tk
documentation together with Tkinter.

But, as I have nothing more interesting to say about this, I will shut up

gooey-schmooey-let's-all-use-curses-ly y'rs, vr

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