Which GUI?

Warren Postma embed at geocities.com
Fri Feb 18 16:54:49 CET 2000

> every single example in that tutorial can be written in
> Tkinter, using about 50% as much Python code.  and
> things like layout management and event handling looks
> embarrasingly primitive compared to Tkinter.

Enlighten me on what makes Tkinter so 'advanced'. It seems that Guido
cribbed up this Tkinter thing and stuck fiercely by it, without so much as a
peep on what makes Tk worth keeping when Tcl wasn't worth using too.
Everything I hate about Tcl is wrong with Tk too. Show me a Tcl/Tk demo that
makes a nice "Outlook 98" style user interface frame set. [If you think
Outlook 98 is ugly, then show me something in Tk that isn't ugly, in your
humble opinion.]


Points in favour [for me] of wxWindows/wxPython:

1. wxWindows looks nicer to me. Subjective, but I can't get over how
   ugly Tkinter is. Nitpicking? Perhaps, but how do I remove those
   "-----" lines at the top of all the pull-down menus? Yuck.

2. If Python is so much better than Tcl, why does Python require the
   Tcl interpreter be running to get Tkinter going?  Fact is Tk is
   tightly bound to Tcl, and therefore Python is tightly bound to Tcl.
   I like Python. I hate Tcl. I have to install Tcl/Tk and Python just
   to run IDLE. Yuck yuck yuck!

Not that wxWindows is perfect.

I would actually prefer to use PyQT if it ran on both Windows and Linux, but
since PyQT is Linux/BSD only, it seems the only real option for me if I want
a decent Windows app now and want portability to Linux later is wxWindows.

I think it's really BAD that there's no wxWindows for Mac but then some Mac
developer will just have to set up to the plate and work on it.  If the
three major platforms I care about [subjective eh?] are well covered
[Win,Mac,Linux] then I would be much happier.

While we're in the midst of one religious war, one more thing:

    "Nuts to AIX!"
    < I used RS6000s in school, and hated 'em. :-) >


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