Corel + Borland = The End of MS Win

Sean Blakey seanb at
Thu Feb 10 10:36:48 EST 2000

Please, don't complain about the newbies.  If we start complaining about
newbies here, it is only a matter of time before we start flaming to a
crisp anybody who whines about whitespace.  At that point we become the
python equivalent of comp.lang.perl.misc.

I have been reading this group for about a year now, and from day one I
was consistently impressed by the polite, patient, friendly tone that
prevails here.  I have heard it commented that one of the best things
about python is the python community.  Even when Tom Christianson came
through here a while ago, the vast majority of the people here were able
to disagree clearly, intelligently, and politely.

As in all things python, we should pay attention to the example set by
Guido.  You have to dig back in the python-list archives many years to
find him responding much to this kind of thread that pops up again and
again.  Many other "respected elders" of this group have taken the same
attitude.  When something this boring pops up again (as it inevitably
will), you will not see flames from any of these people.  Just a
conspicuous silence.

> Maybe, just maybe, we could stop these recurrent (dull) threads some time
> soon?  Some sort of guidelines for posting language reviews and
> advertisements?  A branch of the Python mafia going around to people's
> houses and "convincing" them?  A few choice trips in the time machine to
> effect world domination and eliminate competition?  Something must be done!
> comp.lang.python is going to get a reputation for being a Usenet group soon
> if we don't act to stem the tide! :)
> Enjoy all,
> Mike
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> "Neither Python nor Perl were designed as object-oriented languages."
> Is this true about Python ?
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