New Python study group

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Sat Feb 19 22:32:11 EST 2000

We would like to invite anyone new to Python or programming in general
to visit our new Python study group.The group was created to be a place
to make friends, exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and above all,
become better Python programmer's.Also, the group will hold bi-monthly
or monthly meetings to discuss specific topics or to just meet and chat.
(attendence is not mandatory!).People with an open mind and a desire to
learn are urged to join.
    With that said,the following is not allowed:

No flaming.
Any posted question related to hacking (e.g. cracking) will be ignored!.
No spamming.

Our address is:
or for more information, drop a line to:
strat_addict at
                     Hope to see you there.

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