Keep comp.lang.python Friendly

Carel Fellinger cfelling at
Wed Feb 16 17:26:44 EST 2000

David <invalid.address at> wrote:

> My perception is that the social/emotional climate in this newsgroup has
> changed over the past few months.  It is becoming less friendly and more
> hostile.

Yes those White Space Wars are nasty, they erase some of the vital space in
this group:) OTOH, I was impressed by the gentle way Fredrik guided someone
to the tutorials and the tutor list whilst at the same time answering his
"all in the tutorial" questions. And we hear no more of this guy, so probably
he is happy hacking after having read the tutorials. I guess Fredrik wouldn't
have been so patient were it not for this tutor list and excelent tutorials
to back him up.

Maybe the same could be true for those few flamebaits that have been going
on ever since Tom Christiansen left some pearls for use to digest. We could
have a WhiteSpaceWars section at in which we keep short summa-
ries of those nasty wars. I prefer this to additions to the FAQ, as it is
more direct, just a single url and one has all the arguments pro and con to
the white space non-problem, or a short summary of the Tom-flame covering
the likely problems a Perler might have switching to Python.

groetjes, carel

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