Fully Bracketed Syntax

Neel Krishnaswami neelk at brick.cswv.com
Sun Feb 13 17:41:26 CET 2000

Carel Fellinger <cfelling at iae.nl> wrote:
> Neel Krishnaswami <neelk at brick.cswv.com> wrote:
> > Dylan uses this style, but Modula-2 uses the Pascal BEGIN/END style.
> It has been a long time since I used Modula-2, but if memory serves me
> right... and indeed according to my copy of the 3e edition of Wirth's
> "Progr. in Modula-2" it sure does (okee, it uses END instead of ENDIF:)

I just double-checked, and see that you are right and I was wrong. I
just grabbed a listing of some Modula-2 code, and looked at it for
BEGIN...END pairs; and when I saw them used in procedure declarations,
I stopped looking at the rest of the code. Bad Neel. :)

Here's a sample for people who wonder what I'm talking about:

PROCEDURE UnifyArgs(list1, list2: TypeList);
    IF (list1 = Empty) AND (list2 = Empty) THEN 
    IF (list1 = Empty) OR (list2 = Empty) THEN
      ErrorMod.Msg("Type clash");
      UnifyType(list1^.head, list2^.head);
      UnifyType(list1^.tail, list2^.tail);
  END UnifyArgs;


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