Where is Imaging.h?

Bernhard Herzog herzog at online.de
Thu Feb 17 09:29:01 CET 2000

David Guertin <guertin at middlebury.edu> writes:

> Hi folks,
> Please pardon this python ignoramus, but I'm trying to compile the
> source for Sketch 0.6.5 on a Red Hat Linux box.  Compilation chokes
> with the error:
>   looking for include dir for Imaging.h under /usr/include/python1.5
>   Imaging.h not found under /usr/include/python1.5 !

Imaging.h is the main include file of the Python Imaging Library (PIL).
Sketch needs it to interface to PIL at the C-level. Unfortunately
installing Imaging.h is not part of the standard installation procedure
for PIL and none of the PIL RPMs I've seen so far includes it (apart
from the one I compiled myself for SuSE 6.1 which it available on the
Sketch webpage).

So, you have to at least get the PIL sources and run its configure
script to generate a platform specific headerfile. You can then use the
--imaging-include option of Sketch's setup.py to specify your PIL source
directory as the place to look for Imaging.h.


I think this is a good opportunity to suggest that extension modules
that users may want to access at the C-level install the relevant header
files somewhere under Python's standard include directory. I propose to
put them into an "extensions" subdirectory.

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