creating a python excutable

Jason Cunliffe jasonic at
Sat Feb 19 00:12:48 CET 2000


A friend needs to develpo a project where he can have end up with a simple
executable - double  click and run .
I have been in gerneral enthusaitically promoting Python for the work he is
doing, but could not answer his question to clearly describe how to make a
simple excutable [win32] from his code. 

He is new to Python and under the impression it is not very easily doable. 

I am sure it can be done, but need some help [first for myself and then for
him how to do this].
Apologies if this is a FAQ, but I am really looking for a 1.2.3 type
tutoral on this paricualr issuea nd could not find

- Jason 

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