Real Problems with Python

Tim Peters tim_one at
Sun Feb 13 16:23:05 EST 2000

>    In the long run, the solution is to use a conservative garbage
>    collection algorithm (such as the Boehm collector),

> "No chance" in CPython [...]

[François Pinard]
> I'm not sure of the implications of the above, but one sure thing
> is that I very much like the current implications of reference
> counting.  When I write:
>     for line in open(FILE).readlines():
> I rely on the fact FILE will automatically get closed, and very soon
> since no other references remain. ...

Yes, that's exactly the kind of thing that makes many CPython users consider
RC to be "a feature".  There's no reason at all to believe that CPython will
ever give this up; even NeilS's BDW patch for CPython retains refcounting,
simply for *speed* reasons (RC has excellent locality of reference,
especially when trash is being created and recycled at high dynamic rates).

just-repeating-"no-chance"-ly y'rs  - tim

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