Which GUI?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Fri Feb 18 16:24:50 EST 2000

Warren Postma wrote:
> > every single example in that tutorial can be written in
> > Tkinter, using about 50% as much Python code.  and
> > things like layout management and event handling looks
> > embarrasingly primitive compared to Tkinter.
> Enlighten me on what makes Tkinter so 'advanced'. It seems that Guido
> cribbed up this Tkinter thing and stuck fiercely by it, without so much as
> peep on what makes Tk worth keeping when Tcl wasn't worth using too.
> Everything I hate about Tcl is wrong with Tk too. Show me a Tcl/Tk demo
> makes a nice "Outlook 98" style user interface frame set.

sorry, I don't program Tcl/Tk.

if you were talking about Tkinter, check Grayson's
book. designing good looking user interfaces takes
time and talent.  if you have neither, no user inter-
face toolkit will help.

> then show me something in Tk that isn't ugly, in your
> humble opinion.

how about this one?

don't know about you, but *I* think it's
pretty cute.

> 1. wxWindows looks nicer to me. Subjective, but I can't get over how
>    ugly Tkinter is. Nitpicking? Perhaps, but how do I remove those
>    "-----" lines at the top of all the pull-down menus? Yuck.

tried setting the "tearoff" option to false?

> 2. If Python is so much better than Tcl, why does Python require the
>    Tcl interpreter be running to get Tkinter going?  Fact is Tk is
>    tightly bound to Tcl, and therefore Python is tightly bound to Tcl.
>    I like Python. I hate Tcl. I have to install Tcl/Tk and Python just
>    to run IDLE. Yuck yuck yuck!

we've run out of intelligent arguments, have we?


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