Proposal: Official whitespace response

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Thu Feb 17 03:35:16 EST 2000

Forrest Cahoon <fcahoon at> wrote:
> I'll admit to being somewhat confrontational in my original post, but
> all along, it was constructive information like this I was really after.

would have been easier to ask for that from the
start, wouldn't it?

> I'm really happy -- especially now -- with the level of constructiveness
> here.  It's a shame that Moshe Zadka has insisted on sending me some
> really snide, asshole flames to me by personal e-mail that there is no
> way he would post in public.  He's really a blemish on your fine
> community, and I humbly suggest you consider adding him to your
> killfiles, and not answering his questions until he grows up.

if you want others to behave like grown-ups, I
suggest you start with yourself.

until then, hope you'll enjoy sitting in my killfile.


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