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François Pinard pinard at
Fri Feb 11 08:57:01 EST 2000

"Gene Chiaramonte" <gchiaramonte at> writes:

> I am suggesting that python-list be split into 2 lists.  One for specific
> python programming questions, and another list for python language
> opinions and comments.  Anyone agree with me?

If it was done and used properly, it might be useful.  However, I guess it
would have a few problems.  Discussions are often originated by newcomer
questions, and newcomers do not stay newcomers for very long, as one can to
get speed and comfort with the language within a few weeks (it only takes
half a day to get going, but comfort takes more time).  Since newcomers
arrive all the time, the discussions themselves will be replaced by other
discussions explaining the list split, and what some consider noise will
not drop that much.  Moreover, the resulting frustration will begin to show
after some while, the spirit of the gang might change, and newcomers (and
old timers) will not find here the peaceful relation we use to enjoy, now.

Maybe that the Python group is doomed, in the long run, to become as rude and
unfriendly as the Perl group is right now.  But we should try our very best
so this happens the latest possible, and be careful to see the connection
to that possible danger in every reorganisation of the Python community.

> I have several filters in place already, but many messages still slip
> through.

The Gnus reader, which I use, makes it very easy for me to add filtering
devices ("scoring" rules) on the fly, using the currently displayed message
author or subject (among other criteria) to raise or lower score.  It even
gives me the capability of creating "temporary" rules (they auto-expire
after some while), and this is useful for spontaneous threads.  So, for
me at least, this is no problem at all.  But I also understand that not
everybody is lucky enough to use Gnus as a mail reader :-).

François Pinard

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