Q: Misunderstanding classes (newbie)

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Tue Feb 22 22:52:16 CET 2000


I'm a Python newbie (and an OOP newbie) trying to 
construct a class that:

  (a) behaves like a list but has a FORTRAN-like variable 
      starting index,
  (b) has per-index attributes.

i.e. Each element of the list has two (or more) attributes,
     and, by default, the first element is at x[1].

e.g. x[1].lastname, x[1].firstname, x[1].age
     x[2].lastname, x[2].firstname, x[2].age

I seem to be able to get each part of the solution 
independently (the first part by using UserList and
__getitem__), but when I attempt to combine them, I 
clearly don't understand what I'm doing.



P.S. Please respond to the list.

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