ANNOUNCE: Python Compiler (No spell errors)

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Thu Feb 24 15:47:11 EST 2000

Wait & See.
This new compiler is coming out from the same country where Mercedez,
BMW & Porsche are produced. You know the quality of those cars, do you?

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  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois_Pinard?= <pinard at> wrote:
> Andreas Otto <aotto at> writes:
> > After implementation of Tcl as compiler-language we have plans for
> > python.
> By `python' we usual refer to the system command.  We write Python,
> a capital, for the programming language.  I get that you did not
> study, nor use this language yet.
> You are having _plans_ for Python, indeed?  I surely got that you want
> make money out of it (there is nothing wrong with that), but I'm still
> curious about the technical contents of your plans, if about something
> you do not know yet.  I guess you might have to establish some kind of
> credibility for yourself about Python, before starting to speak
> --
> François Pinard

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