mail filter in python?

Donn Cave donn at
Wed Feb 9 01:18:41 EST 2000

Quoth tseaver at (Tres Seaver):
| I offer as a possible counterexample Eric Raymond's first serious use of
| Python:  he built a Tk GUI to simplify configuring fetchmail.  The project
| made a *serious* believer out of him, too -- and the tool works for *many*
| more folks than ESR.

But didn't he also write fetchmail?  I'm not against front ends per se,
especially when the author intimately familiar with the back end and
also has reason to expect it to be the focus of future maintenance etc.
I'm saying procmail is dead as a doornail so it's not a very attractive
back end in terms of leveraging anyone's efforts.  (Not that I have any
inside information on this, I really don't.)  Even so, like I say, with
the goal of a really simplified, constrained point and click interface
to its capabilities, a front end could be useful for others.

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