Python aka. Smalltalk Lite?

Markus Kohler kohler at
Fri Feb 11 16:40:22 CET 2000

Fredrik Lundh <effbot at> schrieb in im Newsbeitrag:
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> Gareth McCaughan wrote:
> > (Smalltalk syntax looks funny, too, but it isn't so fundamental
> > to the language. Perhaps a more approachable version of Smalltalk
> > might be possible.)
> you mean Python?
> (yeah, I know that we haven't implemented everything
> just yet, but we're working on it ;-)
> seriously, what are the major shortcomings in Python
> from a Smalltalk professional's perspective?
> let's see:
> -- no blocks (lambda doesn't really cut it)
> -- type/class dichotomy (CPython implementation)
Smalltalk VM implementations are much smaller than the CPython
implementation, because of this.
Just take a look at squeak (

> -- no garbage collection (CPython implementation)

Yes. Those points are the most important ones.

-- metaprogramming is also an important topic. This is one reason  why most
Smalltalk IDE's are so powerfull (Object inspectors
are an example)

-- Smalltalk's syntax  is simpler. It's only a few rules and there are only
a handfull builtin names. This results in better programming tools
Browser for example)

-- Smalltalk's calling mechanism is much simpler than Pythons making it
easier to compile. Almost every Smalltalk implementation I have seens runs
faster than Python.


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