Metakit Install hints?

Jean-Claude Wippler jcw at
Fri Feb 4 15:49:47 CET 2000


> I want to play with the database capabilities of metakit.


> I downloaded mk-i586-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz, untarred it into
> ~/pyth/mk-i586-pc-linux-gnu
> The README under UNIX does not seem to have any relation to what I am
> seeing in the mk-i586-pc-linux-gnu directory. No .configure
> executable, no INSTALL.

I'm sorry.  I hate installs (long story... check the TclKit pages on as an example of where I'm headed).  Unfortunately, I
forgot to make it clear that Mk4py does not need any install.  Do this:

- get the proper binary: in your case
- put it next to a demo script such as this one:
    import Mk4py
    db = Mk4py.Storage('',1)
    vw = db.getas('people[name:S,age:I]')
    for r in vw.sort(vw.age): print, r.age
- that's it for the current 2.0 release

I intend to include a small example such as the above and better
"getting started" notes in the next release.  Also more Python code
written on top of this raw core, to be added as a "" wrapper.

> What I really need is a short rundown on how to get metakit working
> with Python 1.5.2 No big dissertation needed.

I hope the above suits you.

> Environment is SuSE Linux 6.3 2.2.14 Intel

If doesn't work out of the box due to glibc nastiness or other, then
you'll need to rebuild it from the source distribution, which uses a
standard autoconf/libtool-based setup.

If you have questions, you might want to post them on the MK-Scripting
mailing list, see:

-- Jean-Claude

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