Phython as In-Game scripting language

Shawn LeBlanc wrlddomprod at
Fri Feb 25 10:35:11 EST 2000


>What sort of game are you writing? First person shooter on PC?

Right now, it's more R&D than anything else. The idea is having
a more-or-less generallized 3d engine, but the actual design seems
to lean towards the Quake/Unreal model. So, we would be able to
make a FPS with it, but that's not our goal as of yet.

As a slightly off topic question, which other languages like
Python could be embedded efficently in a game project? I've
seen that several games use Lua (Grim Fandango), and there's
got to be other games that use embedded languages. What
would be the advantages and disadvantages of using Python
in a game?

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