Which GUI?

Vetle Roeim vetler at ifi.uio.no
Thu Feb 24 00:35:27 CET 2000

on 2000-02-23, Gerrit Holl wrote:

> > > It provides their own classes. These classes are invented by Tkinter, they
> > > do not exist in Tcl/Tk. And the methods don't even *match* with Tcl functions!
> > 
> > I must admit I'm on new territory here. I've only been using Python and
> > Tkinter for ~5 months or so. So my statements may have nothing to do with
> > reality. I appologize.
> I think this is ironic. As soon as I got stuck for many hours searching
> Tcl manpages for Python calls and having to read Python source code to
> find out the Python way to do something described in the Tcl manpages, I
> stopped using Tkinter. 

I guess it's easier if you're familiar with Tcl.

> > But, as I have nothing more interesting to say about this, I will shut up
> Me neither, but I find Fredrik's reaction very strange, especially
> because he mentions my "madness" everywhere in c.l.py now!

He's probably trying to be funny ;-)


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