Q: Access JPython interpreter obj while inside it?

Gregg Leichtman gsl1 at erols.com
Fri Feb 11 22:48:56 CET 2000

Can anyone tell me how I might go about grabbing a reference to
the JPython interpreter object I'm running interactively within?
I want to pass the reference to an application Z that has been
started from within the interpreter and then use reflection from
Z to run the eval method of the interpreter on a script object
that has also been built in the interpreter and been passed to
Z. Why don't I just embed JPython in Z? Because I already have a
perfectly good interpreter sitting in memory and I don't want to
create another one with its concomitant memory overhead. Why
don't I just compile the scripts to Java classes and use them
directly from Z? Because I want to do something on the fly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please, e-mail if you also post.

Thanks in advance.
Gregg Leichtman, Ph.D.
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