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Gaetan Corneau corg at
Tue Feb 29 10:50:16 EST 2000


For those who know me, I have begun work at my new job at Copernic
Technologies inc ( yesterday, after four years with
the Baan company. This job offers new challenges, and I still count on
Python as one of my favorite tools.

My first assignment would be simple if I had more knowledge on the subject,
so maybe someone here can help. I have to write an Apache module that will
receive a list of file names from a client, then stream all the files in a
single connection. The server will run on a Linux box.

First question (not really Python related, sorry, please reply privately):
do I need an Apache module to do this?

Second question: I have heard about tools to write Apache modules using
Python (mod_python?). I am searching for info right now, but any
help/pointers would be appreciated. Please keep in mind that I know nothing
about Apache (but I'm willing to learn).

Thanks in advance!
   Gaetan Corneau
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   Copernic Technologies inc.
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