Newbie question: Dictionary of lists

Carel Fellinger cfelling at
Wed Feb 16 22:51:02 CET 2000

Hai Bill,

Remco already pointed out how to fix your code, so I wil only add some noice:)
Maybe you are not aware of the fact that in python dictionary keys could wel
be tuples? Quite likely that someday you will be bitten by non uniquely conca-
tenatable account codes like 00,1 and 0,01:)

Kossmann, Bill <BKossmann at> wrote:
> period names, and amounts; the dictionary's key is a concatenation of the
> account codes, and the values are 12-element lists (one for each month).  I
> want a sample dictionary entry to look like this:

> 	{'00006101071115000000': [10, 20, 30 ... 120]}

as bit-prevention you could change the key you use from

> # Key is our cost centre code
>    dictionaryKey = histRcd[0]+histRcd[1]+histRcd[2]+histRcd[3]

    dictionaryKey = (histRcd[0], histRcd[1], histRcd[2], histRcd[3])

groetjes, carel

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