will python 3000 break my code?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Fri Feb 11 09:03:26 EST 2000

Steve Holden <sholden at bellatlantic.net> wrote:
> With trepidation, I write to ask what the appropriate forum is for
> suggesting language improvements -- and I don't mean introducing
> redundant bracketing for block delimitation.  However, recent threads
> have persuaded me that this probably isn't the forum for my lame
> suggestions: you guys are busy enough.

nah.  if you have great ideas, feel free to post
them here.

just remember to:

1) check if there's a SIG that might be more
   appropriate (types, compilation issues, etc)


2) check the newsgroup archive, especially if
   you think that someone might have had the
   same idea before you...  (this list have been
   around for 10 years, you know...)

make signal, not noise.

(if your ideas are good enough, someone will
drop by your home some night, and teach you
the secret handshake ;-)


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