Win2k and Python access violation - please help me out here!

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sat Feb 26 16:34:44 EST 2000

"Jason Maskell" <backov at> wrote in message
news:RZyt4.201$7n6.310 at
> gmcm at (Gordon McMillan) wrote in <1260623840-9876921
> >Jason wrote:
> >
> >> Oops, I missed 3 lines at the top of the call stack:
> >>
> >> NTDLL! 77f8ed61()
> >> NTDLL! 77f8ecf1()
> >> MSVCRTD! 10238575()
> >
> >Are you using python15.dll or python15_d.dll? Mixing run time
> >libraries is a great way to crash.
> Using the debug dll. Just for fun, I changed over to the release
> and compiled it. Same problem. The release side is using all release

What about the C runtime libraries?  Is your program set to use the
CRT from a debug DLL?  If set to _any_ other option (for a debug
build) you will get these crashes.


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