David C. Ullrich ullrich at math.okstate.edu
Sun Feb 13 20:44:02 CET 2000

Gerrit Holl wrote:

> David C. Ullrich wrote on 950353975:
> >     You ask for replies from experts. I think the point is that those
> > darned experts are gonna get the stuff right regardless - for non-experts
> Paragraph starts with indentation...
> > like me it fits in with everything else very nicely. In my limited
> > experience I find that in Python I avoid off-by-one errors by not
> > worrying about them.
> This one doesn't...
> >     Now if I could just get the whitespace issues straight...
> I understand. You do not seem to use it properly in your post ;)

    Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. (Actually I often
get unintentional blank lines in the middle of posts, I've never quite
figured out why.)

> let's-add-an-email-feature-to-tabnanny-ly y'rs - gerrit

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