Can't reopen eMatter book

Anders Eriksson ame at
Wed Feb 16 23:39:10 CET 2000


I bought the 'Standard Python Library' eMatter book by mr Fredrik
Lundh. Everything worked fine except when I tried to open the book for
the second time. No I only get an error saying "An error occurred
while preparing to display this eMatter(c). Please try again. If you
continue to have problems, contact Costomer Service."

I have contacted Fatbrain but they haven't answered. I sent the email
on Sunday the 13:th. So I thougth maybe someone in this group has an
idea on how to get it to work again.

The only thing I did after closing the eMatter book and trying to
reopen it was to upgrade Adobe Acrobat to version 4

// Anders

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